Marketing Director

West Dundee,


Why I Love This Opportunity

Janie Mehaffey


Bravingbird is an innovative new company that launched publicly this year.

The Marketing Director will have a unique opportunity to build this new brand from the ground up.  They get to implement proven strategies while being bold with experimentation. They will be challenged to build trust with the team and collaborators, recommending strategies for engagement that showcase Bravingbird’s storytellers and their work.

The Marketing Director will champion storytelling culture by being at the leading edge of a new kind of work that hasn’t been done before. This work has the potential to rewire how storytelling impacts communities of faith around the world.

About This Organization

Bravingbird desires to use stories as a means of carrying messages that have the capacity to reshape lives, relationships, and communities. These are stories with truth attached, stories that are rooted in the themes of the Gospel but that resonate deeply within hearts, minds, and daily life.

A newly launched crowdfunded nonprofit storytelling organization, Bravingbird produces powerful content that helps the Gospel come alive for every person, no matter where they live. They want to make these stories widely available for free use.

Position Description

Bravingbird is looking for a highly-talented Marketing Director with a proven record of cultivating an engaged and growing audience who wants to love what they do and work with a team that’s committed to high standards, good fun, and making a difference.

Key Responsibilities:

  • EXPRESS THE VISION. The Marketing Director is passionate about communicating the vision of Bravingbird across a variety of platforms through the creative implementation and ongoing cultivation of a compelling brand.
  • PROMOTE THE PRODUCTS. The Marketing Director helps people find, connect to, and utilize all that Bravingbird has to offer through content launches and strategies for sustained visibility.
  • CONNECT WITH THE AUDIENCE. The Marketing Director is the vital link between the Bravingbird team and their audience, helping to foster and enliven an ongoing conversation.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • A minimum of 10 years in marketing and brand development.
  • Experience in audience segmentation and cultivating an engaged audience through online strategies
  • A strong body of work in graphic design and copywriting.
  • Experience cultivating a core of trusted artists who can contribute whenever workloads demand.
  • Ideally, experience working in or with a church or other nonprofit.
  • A love for Jesus and a love for stories.

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