Bay Hills Church

Worship Pastor

El Sobrante,


Why I Love This Opportunity

Ronald Greene


Bay Hills Church is a group of real people doing real ministry in their community. I’m excited to work with them because I see the vision of revival their pastor has, and it has the potential to change that city.

About This Organization

Bay Hills is in a really exciting time! The congregation is eager for the next, the staff is dedicated, committed, and a very relational team. The leadership is committed to the overall mission of the church and its health. We are in one of the healthiest seasons we have been in 20 years.

Position Description

The ideal candidate leads with an instrument and has a well-rounded understanding of all facets of the worship experience. They prioritize both musical and spiritual excellence, with a focus on consistently and creatively engaging the congregation in worship. They value planning and preparation with a sensitivity to flow as they lean into what God is doing at the moment.

Key Responsiblities:

  • Worship Pastor – Possesses an outstanding ability to lead congregational worship while also shepherding the congregation in how to worship in relevant, creative, and well-rounded worship experiences.
  • Worship Services – Produce, oversee, and manage all aspects related to the Sunday services (congregational worship, audio/video/streaming, Communion, video production and usage, and other creative worship elements). To also work closely with the Senior Pastor to collaborate on sermons and worship experiences.
  • Team Development – Prioritize recruiting, training, and developing new and current worship team members as they strive to add additional services and campuses.
  • Effective Leader and Manager – Must have the ability to provide not only leadership and vision but also a level of organization to the ministry that will help the ministry thrive and succeed.
  • Ministry Health – Must be interested and aware of “ministry numbers” but be driven by “ministry health.” Being aware of the health characteristics and health barriers of the church and striving to improve them is a critical component of this position.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Must have good interpersonal skills, be easy to get along with, be intentional about engaging with the life of the church, and be comfortable in both technical and non-technical environments.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Character – Must be an example and model genuine Christian Faith.
  • Chemistry – Must relate well with our staff, worship team, congregation, and community.
  • Competence – Desire 5+ years of experience serving in worship ministry. A Bachelor’s degree is ideal.
  • Culture – Must be a “fit” in our church culture, community culture, and ministry culture.



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