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Why I Love This Opportunity

Keith Twigg

Senior Associate

Compass Bible Church is an exciting ministry with a top-shelf team, and they are experiencing significant growth and depth as they reach people with the gospel, teach them to obey, and train them to serve! While CBCTV is only five years old, they already see over 1,300 people each weekend, and there are still many exciting milestones on the horizon for this healthy, Bible-loving church.

About This Organization

CBCTV launched in 2019 with a core of about 20 families sent out from Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo (South Orange County), CA. The church started with about 200 people and has been steadily growing ever since, fueled partially by the incredible growth in their community. Over half of the church didn’t live here before 2018.

A couple of main factors that have also driven growth in the church are a commitment to expository preaching and a heavy emphasis on intentional fellowship and discipleship. CBCTV emphasizes personal holiness and seeks to cultivate a community that aims to please the Lord. Over 60% of the church body is actively involved in serving.

The church has a high ratio of kids to adults. Their kids and student ministries are booming due to the young families flocking to the community. CBCTV has over 300 kids each weekend and an average of 125 students between the middle school and high school ministries.

Position Description

This is a full-time pastoral position that would focus primarily on leading and building our men’s outreach, missions & Compass Classroom ministries. As a part of a relatively new and growing church, this job will also include a variety of pastoral tasks related to shepherding this flock. There is significant space for this pastor to continue to grow in both his general leadership abilities and specific ministry oversight.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing and leading church-wide men’s events (generally 6-7 a year, including retreat – all are normally well-attended)
  • Building and leading other classes/events geared towards training men
  • Overseeing evangelism team & Compass Classrooms
  • Developing new opportunities for outreach and engagement with the community as CBCTV seeks to spread the gospel
  • Possible opportunities to develop missionary partners for the church
  • Project Management of relevant endeavors
  • Various pastoral responsibilities (biblical counseling, leading a life group, hospital visits, etc.)


What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • First and foremost, someone who has been saved by the grace of Jesus Christ and can articulate the biblical gospel and biblical testimony.
  • Someone who has vocational ministry experience.
  • Someone with experience and skill, particularly in the realm of biblical counseling.
  • Someone who is willing to do anything to meet the needs of a growing young church plant.
  • Someone who is in line with CBCTV’s doctrinal statement.
  • Someone who is excited by the church’s 8 distinctive.
  • Someone who believes you can grow a church by teaching the Bible.
  • Someone who aligns with a pastoral team that holds complementarian, cessationist, & futuristic premillennial convictions.

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