Apostles Houston

Family Life Minister



Why I Love This Opportunity

Eric Voris


Apostles Houston is a smaller church with a genuine family feel that is actively reaching its community with the love of Jesus. They are a church rooted in their Anglican tradition while maintaining a very accessible approach to worship and ministry. I love the culture of service that permeates the family ministries, which gives the incoming Family Life Minister an amazing foundation of volunteers to work with.

About This Organization

Apostles started with a small group of individuals and families who left their churches, mostly Episcopal, around 2011 to 2013.  By 2014, about 12 families were worshipping together at West University. There was a strong desire to form a church that expressed the “three streams” of Anglican tradition – word, Spirit, and Sacraments. Apostles would be built upon the clear teaching of the Bible, where they celebrate the presence of the Holy Spirit, and where they celebrate the Biblical sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.

Since the arrival of the current Senior Pastor, David Cumbie, in 2017, Apostles has sought to more fully engage the Heights community with the Gospel while equipping disciple-making disciples. They began to experience steady growth and in 2018 they started their first Life Groups in the Heights and grew to 150 adult members with 100 children.

Position Description

The Family Life Minister will be responsible for building a healthy and thriving ministry to kids, students, and families at Apostles Houston. Based on the current demographics of the church, the role will focus more heavily on kids (nursery-4th Grade) than students (5-12 grade). However, it is certainly a desire to increase the ministry’s effectiveness and reach to students and families with middle and high school students. Though there is a strong culture of serving within the church, the Family Life Minister will also need to recruit, train, and care for a growing team of volunteers for kids and student ministries.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Organize and oversee all programming and discipleship for children (birth-4th grade) and youth (5th-12th grade), including Sunday mornings and special events.
  • Manage children’s and youth team volunteers by recruiting, training, scheduling, and leading them.
  • Communicate with families through email, text messaging, and social media.
  • Maintain safety and security protocols for children’s and youth ministry.
  • Organize and oversee church-wide special events for children and youth, including Vacation Bible School, and holiday events.
  • Maintain a strategy for reaching and assimilating new children and youth.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Experience leading a kids/students/family ministry in a local church setting.
  • Familiarity with or openness to the Anglican tradition.
  • A creative problem solver who can evaluate and envision the most effective ways to reach kids and students.
  • A high value for serving and reaching the community right around the church.
  • A people-person ready to plug into the family atmosphere at Apostles.


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