Anthem Community Church

Student Pastor



Why I Love This Opportunity

Brian Aaby

Senior Associate

I know the word can be over-used, but “authentic” would be the word I choose in describing the team at Anthem! Not only did I see and feel the love between team members, but I also saw that they loved each other enough not to hide behind niceties but actually to speak the truth in areas needing tweaks or changes. I saw vulnerability, encouragement, and humility during my site visit, and I believe a new teammate will be welcomed into that fold very well.

The Student Pastor role itself is truly a “sky is the limit” opportunity. There just isn’t a lot happening yet, but they have a solid base of students and a team of volunteers awaiting a relational leader to come and build around a core of students who love being together.

About This Organization

Anthem Community Church (ACC), established in 2011 as a church plant from Green Valley Baptist Church, thrives in Henderson, NV. Initially meeting in elementary schools, they settled at their current location in 2018. Despite COVID challenges, their 2023 attendance records reached new heights, prompting exploration of campus expansion for the growing community.

ACC prides itself on being a welcoming church where everyone is recognized. Their mission is to help people live the truth of Jesus daily. With a vision to grow to 1000 attendees and then plant a new church, ACC offers programs to Know God, Make Friends, and Add Value. Committed to core values, they invite individuals to join and contribute to the community’s positive impact.

Position Description

This role epitomizes the classic youth pastor position in various aspects. The primary focus will involve working closely with the established core of students (a solid base of 30) to reimagine the program in collaboration with others in the family ministry lane of ACC. The leader will enhance the efforts of four or five dedicated volunteers who have consistently invested in the students, providing them with improved training and empowerment for more effective ministry. The expectation is that the new Student Pastor will establish effective communication and partnerships with the parents of these students.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Executive Director and Family Life Pastor to establish and manage a budget.
  • Communicate with church leadership, staff, parents, and congregation in a timely manner utilizing available resources (weekly leadership meetings, email, website, etc.)
  • Collaborate with church staff members in a cohesive and open team environment.
  • Share the Gospel with students, parents, and the community.
  • Mentor teens and provide counseling and spiritual direction that aligns with ACC’s ministry strategy.
  • Be a resource for parents as they seek to teach their children to follow Jesus.
  • Preach and teach biblically sound sermons and Bible studies.
  • Provide oversight and direct supervision to volunteers, department staff, and volunteer leaders.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related discipline.3+ years of relevant organizational leadership experience.
  • A strong balance of people and organizational skills.Demonstrated experience and passion for building relationships with students.
  • Experience leading a goal-oriented team in a mutually edifying and supportive manner.
  • Must demonstrate an acceptable balance of confidence and humility and must be willing to proactively address issues in accordance with scripture and alignment with the vision and mission of ACC.

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