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Why I Love This Opportunity

Keith Twigg

Senior Associate

Acacia Church has a beautiful history of two separate churches that recognized that, though, they were strong individually, they would be better together. Merging in a spirit of true community combined with a desire to reach their surrounding area for Jesus, Acacia Church was born. The right Senior Pastor will join this church in a season where the best is truly yet to come!

About This Organization

Acacia Church was established in the Spring of 2022 when two evangelical churches (Cross Current Church and Christ Community Church) merged their congregations to form a strong presence in Ashburn, Virginia. Both churches had strong beginnings. Both churches grew exponentially but stabilized with lower numbers in recent years because of the establishment of other evangelical churches in the area, because of pastoral turnover or theological differences, and because of changes in attendance due to the transient area and the recent pandemic. However, since the merger in the spring of 2022, attendance has increased.

While both churches were optimistic about their futures, each recognized that the merger would create a “better together blend” because of the strengths and gifts each church could contribute. Cross Current was renting worship space from Christ Community, which led to relational connection points between the churches. The merger, through much prayer, became a natural blend of people, ideas, passions, gifts, and theology.

Soon after the merger, Cross Current’s lead pastor unexpectedly resigned, and the newly blended congregation devoted itself to prayer about moving forward. Both churches unanimously reaffirmed the merger and have truly become “better together” as new friendships have been formed and leaders have worked together to establish a powerful influence for Christ in Ashburn and Loudoun County.

Position Description

The Senior Pastor is the spiritual and directional leader of Acacia Church and is responsible to the leadership, staff & congregation for facilitating a vision & strategy for accomplishing the Great Commission through the ministry endeavors of Acacia Church.

Key Responsibilities:

  • LEAD -Facilitate the development of a God-honoring vision, with the affirmation and accountability of church leadership and elders, and lead the church in faithfulness toward that vision and in its execution.
  • TEACH – Serve as Lead teaching pastor and oversee the general teaching ministry of the church. Help strengthen and protect theological integrity and doctrinal purity.
  • CARE – Working with the Associate Pastor to create a space where all feel they belong and are encouraged to develop their spiritual gifts.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • A STRATEGIC LEADER – The Senior Pastor of Acacia Church will bring a vision and a strategy towards moving the ministry forward in Ashburn and beyond.
  • A RELATIONAL LEADER – Acacia Church is one built on relationships and the right Senior Pastor will be one who personally resonates with this reality and who sincerely enjoys spending time with people.
  • A DEVELOPMENTAL LEADER – One of the greatest competencies necessary for the next Senior Pastor of Acacia Church is to be a passionate developer of others.


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