Lead Pastor
Missio Dei Community

Salt Lake City, Utah

Why We Love This Opportunity *

Missio is a very special church occupying a special space in a very unique city and state. We at Slingshot are so excited to serve this ministry as they seek their next Lead Pastor. Thriving for the last decade in the heart of Salt Lake City, Missio is seeking a next level Lead Pastor to help the team chart the course for the next decade-plus. Reaching into a post-modern, post-Christian, many times post-mormon demographic, the opportunity is limitless for true community and contextual theology to impact this city for Christ.

This is a special season of transition in the life of Missio and the perfect next level candidate will not only be drawn to the uniqueness of the role and the church, but just as much to the heart and soul of the people of this church who are patiently waiting for the leader God has planned for them.

Church or Org Description *

Missio Dei Community is a Gospel centered church in Salt Lake City. Their aspirational mission is to join God in the renewal of the city—to be a part of making real God’s kingdom in the here and now through incarnational ministry which they describe as engaging in the culture of their city and creatively practicing and proclaiming the gospel. Aspirationally, these elements were intended to bridge cultural gaps, imbed their community in the city, and empower the members to of Missio Dei community to live out their faith. There are so many beautiful and good examples of the ways in which these elements have enabled Missio to fulfill its mission.

Currently averaging @ 300 attendees across two services during the school year months, Missio Dei Community has a pastoral staff and team who love one another and the congregation passionately. An elder-led church, Missio is searching for a leader among peers to join their team and rally the entire organization into the dream of what God has in store for all of them in the future.

Position Description *

Missio Dei is searching for a lead pastor who has experience in further developing an established church that is emerging from the planting phase and exists in a mission field serving primarily younger families and singles. They have a capable staff with some known gaps and areas of strength, and they seek a leader who can assess, complement and help structure their staff to fit the next phase of life at Missio Dei. This will involve making strategic decisions regarding the appropriate staff makeup, likely both hiring and developing existing staff to fill their needs. It is also their desire to see Missio grow in generational diversity, both through new additions to their community and through the discipleship and equipping of their existing congregation as they grow and mature. Missio has a variety of staff and lay-led ministries and the lead pastor will have the opportunity to work alongside these existing leaders to develop and encourage them.

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