Horizon Community Church
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Lead Pastor



Church Description *
Horizon Community Church has a unique vision of “Challenging Leaders to Change the World.”

Horizon has positioned itself to reach those in positions of influence who will have a multiplied Kingdom impact on the world. HCC provides a comfortable environment for all to explore faith at their own pace. Every weekend nearly 2,000 people attend, learn and grow together.

The culture at Horizon is one of excellence that is focused on reaching those that are exploring God, while creating challenging environments to help Christ-followers grow deeper in their faith. The attendees at Horizon are multi-generational. The worship is authentic and the messages delivered each weekend are Bible-based. In both the Equipping and Exploring Services, God’s Word is taught to be applicable to our everyday lives. Horizon Community Church is located on the Northeast side of Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is a world-class city with professional sports teams, incredible restaurants, powerful health care and affordable housing! Horizon’s location is surrounded by affluent suburban Cincinnati and these communities represent some of the most educated, experienced and affluent families in the United States.


Position Description *
The opportunity at Horizon Community Church is truly unique. It will present the right person with the opportunity to lead with confidence alongside a wise Elder Team and a creative, highly competent and committed team who works and serves at Horizon. They will join a teaching team and a group of Christ-followers who desires to grow in their faith and effectiveness for the Kingdom. Also, they will be a part of (and lead in) a community that is generous and well-resourced with a commitment to excellence and thinking ‘outside the box’ to reach its city and beyond. They will live and thrive in one of the greatest areas and cities in the nation… Cincinnati.

Horizon Community Church believes gifted and empowered teaching is a major catalyst for life change in the church. Horizon will embrace someone who can communicate in a way that effectively and comfortably connects people to God.