Director of Marketing
City on a Hill

Louisville, Kentucky
In 2018, the film “I Can Only Imagine”—the story of the hit song by Bart Millard and the story of his reconciled relationship with his father—garnered national support. City on a Hill (COH) provided a line of products based on the movie to support churches.

“It’s about the church – we know that,” says VP & General Manager, Tim Byron. “We aren’t delusional that someone goes to the movies, their life is changed forever…end of story. But could people in the church use products that support and are derived from these major motion pictures that tell the story of God in powerful ways? Yes!” That’s what we are looking to do more of in the future.

Building on their direct-to-church, wholesale, retail and licensing sales channels over the next year to be ready for the next major release is what drives their need for a Director of Marketing.

Since 2003, City on a Hill has been telling God’s Story. “We want to share Jesus with the world through stories and movies,” says Tim. COH exists to share the message of the Gospel, support the work of local churches, challenge cultural perceptions of Christianity, and bring the truth and character of Christ to life through the art and craft of filmmaking.

City on a Hill, based in Louisville, Kentucky, has a history of products that support the church with a variety of authors. Most recently they have seen the growth in products that are derived from major picture releases.

“The Church today has to be willing to ‘Go’ like never before,” says Tim. “Are people coming to us? Not like they used to. We have to go where they are. Where are they? Well, in theaters watching movies, for starters.”

It’s because of the continued success of these products—and their upcoming projects—that COH is seeking a new Director of Marketing to help open this market.

Position Description

The Director of Marketing must be a self-starter and understand the needs of the local church. S/he must be able to speak “Church Leader” to grow their Direct-to-Church channel, and find ways that they can authentically serve the local church in their unique way. At the same time, they must also have some background and understanding in eCommerce and this unique market.

  • Background in eCommerce with both B2B and B2C databases.
  • Web strategy and user experience oversight, having overseen teams of creatives and developers to build out a strong and performant web environment.
  • Competency on brand development topics, including experience building unique value propositions and overseeing creative teams to build coherent brand story and visual expression.
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics and strong knowledge of web and digital tracking metrics.
  • Sales skills and sales leadership experience, with personal direct sales and management of others internally (staff) and externally (partners) through the customer acquisition process.
  • Experience working with individuals and organizations in the entertainment, film, music, publishing, retail, or online subscription industries.
  • Demonstrated revenue growth at small to midsize organization, with background at a start-up or high-growth and early stage organization being heavily favored.
  • Highly competent user of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint and the ability to analyze sales and customer trends as well as building a coherent and powerful “pitch” for customers, investors and partners.
  • Extremely strong writing skills, manifested both in short-form and informal communications (emails to partners and staff) as well as in longer form documents (contracts, proposals, or white papers).
  • High people skills including the ability to listen well, navigate conflict, coalesce a team on a shared vision, and build strong, enduring relationships with customers, investors and partners
  • Experience with building lead generation funnels and utilizing email and social media for lead generation, qualification, soliciting and closing using a robust CRM or E-Mail tool (HubSpot, Active Campaign, SalesForce).
  • A desire to work in an entrepreneurial team environment and a faithfulness to the Great Commission.

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