Real-World Tools and Strategies to Help You Thrive in Your Job

Unlock your full potential and develop relationships to further your ministry through intentional coaching with leaders who’ve been there.

Learn Alongside Fellow Leaders With Content Tailored for You

Join a tight-knit community of peers, experienced ministry leaders, and our trained coaches and gain the tools you need to:

  • Thrive in your job
  • Grow in your leadership
  • Make the most of your limited time

Executive Leader Cohort

A one-year experience to equip executive church leaders with tools and strategies to thrive.

Decades of Experience. Proven Results.

  • "This experience is much more than just great content & teaching - it is an opportunity to personally develop alongside other leaders. Having this network of leaders to run alongside has helped me grow as a leader and accelerate the vision of our church. "

    Luke Bean

    Bethany Christian Church

    Washington, IN

  • "Being a part of this [cohort] was so good for me as a 15 year Student Ministry Pastor. I was able to rub shoulders with not only other seasoned youth pastors, but to glean and truly learn from the next generation of youth leaders as well. I was challenged regularly and grew tremendously in a short period of time. This group was a true iron sharpening iron experience for me."

    Curtis Warren

    Alderwood Community Church

    Church, Lynwood, WA

  • "I've been an Executive Pastor for over 25 years. Joining the Executive Leader Cohort has infused me with a renewed love for my job, my role, and the church. I have a group of leaders I can call on at any time and a level of accountability that is perfect. I would recommend the Executive Leader Cohort to any Executive Leader, whether you are new to the role or a seasoned veteran."

    Dana Erickson

    Illuminate Community Church

    Church, Scottsdale AZ

  • "Being a part of the [cohort] allowed me to network and build relationships with other youth workers across the country. … Hearing about how others handle various aspects of ministry in their own contexts brought creativity and new ideas to my own ministry."

    Alexandra Pappas

    Santa Cruz Bible Church

    Santa Cruz, CA