How to Become AI Ready

Have you ever heard of FOLO? It’s one of the main reasons people – especially in ministry – avoid using AI.  FOLO stands for fear of looming obsolescence. You’ve probably heard this play out in comments like, “AI is going to take all our jobs,” and “AI will do all our work for us.” But […]

Frustrating Church Communication: How to get More People to Respond

Communications in the church world can be hard and frustrating — even for the best communication strategists! You may be the best orator in the world, but week after week, it still seems there are lackluster responses to your sermons. Your team sent multiple emails and printed tons of flyers and yet, half the parents […]

How to survive a TGIF (Twitter, Google, Instagram, Facebook) Christmas

Will your kids send you links when you ask them for a Christmas list this year? Do you ever call someone on the phone and in return they text you back? Do you ever feel like your smartphone is vibrating in your pocket, even when the phone is not in your pocket? The way you answer […]