How to Become AI Ready

Slingshot Group

Have you ever heard of FOLO? It’s one of the main reasons people – especially in ministry – avoid using AI.  FOLO stands for fear of [...]

When to Promote From Within… and Top Mistakes to Avoid

Tim Foot

The right hire is getting harder to find. With nearly 10 million job openings, it’s a candidate’s job market.  That’s why it’s important [...]

Onboarding Done Right

Tim Foot

Smart church leaders are laser-focused on team health and employee retention.  In a landscape of shifting church attendance, tenuous [...]

Where Did My Staff Go?

Charissa Barnaby

Top 3 Hidden Reasons Church Employees Look for New Jobs The local church should be the best place on the planet to work, right?  Sure, [...]

Need to Hire? First, Look Within

Tim Foot

5 Critical Components to Successful Staff Transitions Churches, like all organizations, depend upon a capable and dedicated staff to achieve [...]

9 Smart Strategies to Keep Your Church Fully Staffed

Tim Foot

It’s tough for churches to compete in today’s “seeker-friendly” job market. Some churches may be finding it even more difficult to keep the [...]

Tool, Talent, or Treasure? The Key to Keeping Talented Staff on Your Team

Slingshot Group

As an executive leader of one of the largest staffing companies in the church and non-profit space, I’ve learned some key things about people [...]

Creative Compensation in Attracting Next Level Staff

Slingshot Group

These days, recruiting and retaining next level people on your staff requires more creativity than ever. After over a decade of providing [...]

Top 7 MISHAPS in Recruiting

Slingshot Group

Growing churches are always in recruitment mode. Healthy churches are led by healthy teams who love their work. But how do you recruit the [...]

Willow Creek Association: Passing the Baton

Slingshot Group

We are excited to announce that on April 3rd, the Board of Directors of the Willow Creek Association introduced Tom De Vries as their incoming [...]