Live Webinar Replay: Finding + Building Remarkable Nonprofit Teams


Brooke Hodnefield

Fri Mar 17 2023

The world of nonprofit work has gone through significant transformations in recent years. 

Faced with limited resources, so many nonprofits are trying to do more with less. Plus, building an effective team to fulfill the mission is becoming a bigger challenge than ever before.

This challenge of team building hits nonprofits at the organizational level—as well as nonprofit leaders looking for new opportunities. Many leaders struggle to find the right opportunities and cultures where they can make the greatest impact.

That’s why we joined the team at We Are For Good for a live webinar to help launch Good Jobs. In this conversation, we talked about what candidates and nonprofits can do in today’s competitive job market.

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn how to:

  • Know when to stay—and when to go
  • Hire and retain team of remarkable staff
  • Build a culture that attracts the best candidates

At Slingshot Group, we know that every remarkable mission needs a remarkable team. 

But most nonprofits face challenges when building their team.

When you’re in the struggle, we’re here to help.

Discover how we can help you build the remarkable team you need to amplify your impact. Contact us now to get started.

Start Building Your Remarkable Team

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Brooke Hodnefield

Brooke Hodnefield brings a 20-year journey in human resources, organizational and leadership development, missions & coaching to her role as VP of the Nonprofit division at Slingshot Group. She offers translatability to any sector, having worked in for-profit, nonprofit, and the church. Living all over the United States (including a stint in Puerto Rico!) and engaging in short-term missions internationally, has afforded her the gift of dropping into any context and providing relatability and commonality to quickly build trust with others. Brooke’s greatest strengths are in sensing God’s glory in people, listening well, and translating what she sees to connect dots in a tangible way. Brooke’s values:

  • Give Grace – because we ALL fall short
  • Protect the Person – everyone deserves dignity
  • Be Bold – living fueled by the Spirit
  • Clear the Way – removing obstacles to restore order

A Master Trainer of Younique, Brooke has walked countless individuals through a Gospel-centered life design journey, from purpose discovery to activation, and trained other coaches to do the same.

Brooke can be found at the intersection of her sweet spot, where she believes every bit of her story was pulled forth into her role at Slingshot Group.

A Colorado native and mountain lover, you might find her… running outside, in a coffee shop or at an obscure live concert. She resides in Chief’s Kingdom – Kansas City, with her frat house – hubby and two boys.