The Power of “Me Too”


Slingshot Group

Mon Feb 26 2018

We all find ourselves in a defining moment in our culture, summed up by the simple phrase, “Me Too.” I’ve been reflecting on the magnificent power of those two, tiny words. When another human being looks us in the eye and says, “Me Too,” we no longer feel so alone. We feel understood, validated, and connected. That’s what I have witnessed over and over again in Coaching Circles.

Here are just a few examples:

  • A leader says: I’m having trouble communicating effectively with my Lead Pastor. And another leader says, “Me Too.”
  • We are not developing and building into the next generation of leaders and I want to know what I can do to turn that around. “Me Too.”
  • I struggle to set aside Sabbath time and solitude with the pace of family life and ministry demands. “Me Too.”
  • I long to expand my capacity and stretch my leadership skills. “Me Too.”
  • Our staff culture is so focused on results that we lack a spirit of fun and playfulness. Ministry is just so serious, and I long for more joy. “Me Too.”
  • I know I have blind spots, and I am ready to face what they are so I can become more Christlike. “Me Too.”
  • I sometimes feel that if the leaders of my church and my volunteer team knew how ill-equipped I am and how much confidence I lack, they would never allow me to be in my role! “Me Too.”
  • I avoid too many difficult conversations, and want to grow in my ability to speak the truth in love. “Me Too.”

When a group of leaders sit face to face in a circle, there are countless “Me Too” moments. We share our stories and our learnings, and each person becomes a resource for helping us flourish in life and ministry.

If you are looking for some leaders from another church who can become a safe place for you and who you can learn from, please consider joining one of our Coaching Circles launching very soon in April. I would love to be one of those who look you in the eye and say, “Me Too!”

These circles are intentionally limited to 12 or less people so that we can forge the kind of bonds possible with a more intimate group. This year we are offering two different Circles for women and worship arts leaders. Please consider applying today, or let us know if you have any questions!

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