High School Pastor
Crossroads Christian Church

Corona, California
Church Description *
Today Crossroads is a vibrant and growing church that is passionately committed to Christ, His Cause, and Community. The church has big plans for the future, but remains a church that has a personal touch. It is a place where God’s Word is taught passionately and people are challenged to grow in their walk with Him. It is a church that values its heritage and its community and seeks to continue to make a powerful impact on the world. Crossroads has seen significant growth in the last five years and now with 5,500 people worshiping each weekend is one of the top 100 largest churches in America.

In 2007, Pastor Chuck Booher arrived and navigated the church through some difficult times. Crossroads once again showed its resilience and its commitment to the Lord by rallying together and pulling through the tough times. By 2009 the church was ready to continue in the legacy of growth that defines Crossroads. That year they saw over 2,000 people baptized into Christ and its Young Adults Ministry revamped, drawing over 1,400 young people to its weekly services.The legacy of “personal touch” was continued in the inception of new ministries to meet the needs of people in all stages of life.

In 2010 Pastor Chuck and the Elders shared a vision with the church calling the people of Crossroads to commit to being “24:7 Christians.” In the midst of a politically correct culture, and a “softened” message of Christ, Pastor Chuck boldly called people to go against culture and be true disciples of Christ; people that do everything that Jesus commands them. Crossroads has since experienced tremendous growth in the number of people attending and in the depth of their understanding of the Word.

Position Description *
The HSM of Crossroads is full of potential! Crossroads needs a high-level leader with proven experience in revitalizing a student ministry to bring new energy and life to a struggling ministry. Currently, the HSM is dramatically underperforming with only an average of 100 to 120 high school students at a church of 5,000.While numbers are not everything, they are a symptom of HSM in need of significant leadership and vision.

With a small group of young leaders, it is vital that the HSM leader be a developer leader who is investing in the ministry leaders to help them reach their greatest potential.The leader in this role must have the ability to develop a team approach to ministry and create an atmosphere of challenge and support for all of the HSM teams.

In the beginning of 2017, Crossroads will be launching a campaign to remodel and repurpose current office space into a student center designed to meet the needs of all the Next Generation ministries of Crossroads.The new HSM Pastor will have an opportunity in helping shape this ministry space as a tool to have a greater impact on students.

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