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Hiring well has never been more critical. Our innovative process and nationwide network will help you find the next level people you’re looking for.

Coaching Overview

Improvisation is performing without a script. And though it gives the appearance of spontaneity, real improv requires practice and preparation to develop the ability to act and react in the moment.

At Slingshot Group, we’ve developed the IMPROVleadership coaching model to help leaders build trust, encourage risk-taking, increase collaboration, and promote creativity. Which in turn, moves people towards being more committed to their roles and performance.

We help people love their work.

Learn more about the coaching services we offer through our IMPROVleadership approach and our team of ministry experts below.


First 90 Days

The “start” is crucial. Our First 90 Days Coaching will give your new staff members the skills & understanding to get off to a great start.

The First 90 Days

Recent workplace studies have shown that new staff members absorb more value from the organization than they provide over their first six months on the team.  We can accelerate the speed at which your new hires move from “value taking” to “value adding” during their first 90 days and prepare them for success.

I had worked with other search firms in the past and was critical of them until I met the Slingshot team.

Tim Robinson, Senior Pastor
Broad Grace Church

By helping you maximize your new hires, you’ll also be creating margin for those hires to become contributing members of the team, leading to a quicker return investment for the entire church.


Next Level

Slingshot Coaches are trained to coach through any challenge. Let our team help your team move to their next level.

Next Level

Our nationwide team of experts are able to coach and develop your staff to their highest potential.  From basic skill building to more complex developmental journeys, we have a team of resident-experts who are trained, passionate, and proven leadership developers.

If members of your team have encountered a problem they’re not sure how to solve, have plateaued in their knowledge or growth in their current position, or are pioneering something new, our Next Level Coaches can provide valuable insight. Their guidance can be the missing link in taking your team to the next level in the leadership and growth of your church.



Organizational Health

Help elevate your team to a higher level of functionality, and a more holistic approach to change.

Organizational Health

Not all change has to be difficult. Our organizational health specialists can help you elevate to a higher level of understanding and functionality in seasons of change– emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Whether it’s learning to give productive feedback, set self-care boundaries, or adapt with flexibility, the sustainability of your organization depends on the holistic health of its entire team.



Navigate leadership transition with integrity, while maintaining health for everyone involved.


Leadership transitions can make or break the future of any church. The smartest churches address succession head-on and provide plenty of time to navigate the change well. Regardless of the model that best fits your church, Slingshot’s Succession Team knows how to help your Board, Senior Pastor, and Staff navigate the murky waters of leadership transition and change dynamics.

Non-Profit Leadership

Looking for a search and coaching firm focused squarely on serving faith-based nonprofits and Kingdom-minded businesses? Learn More


Our people and our process set us apart. We become students of your church and non-profit, and we never give up. But don’t take our word for it—take theirs.

My Slingshot associate was proactive, insightful, available and provided coaching along the way. This is a great company that will save you precious time, provide high quality candidates, and ensure your church stays on mission.

Seth Bryant, Executive Director of NextGen, Indian Creek Christian Church

Slingshot fulfilled all of their commitments to us in a timely way with the highest level of character and integrity and were a joy to work with. Without Slingshot’s help, our search would have involved a much longer process and may not have found such a quality candidate.

Phil Hopper, Senior Pastor, Abundant Life

Attentive. Connected. Prayerful. Relational. Tenacious. Discerning. Accessible. Just a few of the words that describe my experience with the worship associates of Slingshot Group. Beyond a search firm, they have become valuable partners in our ministry.

Gene Appel, Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church

Slingshot isn’t  interested in just filling an opening. Their number one priority is to help you find the right person with the specific gifts, passion, and team chemistry to do the ministry that God has called your church to do.

Bill Brown, Executive Pastor, Parkview Christian Church

Slingshot could not have done a better job of beating the bushes for qualified candidates. They never gave up. They kept searching. They continually had new ideas and found new ponds in which to search. Personally I cannot imagine more dedicated men and women who love the Church of Jesus Christ and want to see their clients’ ministries succeed more these outstanding men.

Branson Sheets, Lead Pastor, Covenant Church

What I appreciate about Slingshot is they know and love the local church and shape their hiring processes around the unique context of each community

Albert Kim, Executive Pastor, Christian Assembly Church