WorkJoy & Pancakes: The Organizational Side

What is your favorite breakfast food?
Mine is pancakes.

The reason is there’s really no right or wrong way to eat a pancake.
There is not one side that tastes better.

Neither side of a pancake is more important.
Both sides matter.

But if one side gets burned, it affects the taste of the other side.
Again, both sides matter.


It’s the same way when it comes to your work.

To experience joy at work, there are two equally important sides:

  1. You should make your work a better place.
  2. The workplace should make you a better person.

You should add value to the business, nonprofit, or church. And the business, nonprofit, or church should add value to you. In this article (focused on the employer), we are going to consider how the employee adds value to your organization. This is a critical component to recruiting and retaining joyful employees.


You have to work at work for things to work!

I work for a staffing firm called Slingshot Group. We help people build remarkable teams, and we are regularly coaching organizations on how to evaluate an employee’s value to the team. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at some of the criteria we use as we assess the value a person is adding to their organization:


Immediate Chemistry

  • Would you rehire the same person today?


Team Health

  • Does the team member improve team dynamics?
  • Has the entire staff been positively affected by the team member?


Individual Contribution

  • Has the team member brought visible value beyond their role requirements?


Ministry Momentum

  • Are there improved ministry area results under the team members leadership?
  • Are new leaders being added to the team members ministry area?


Organizational Capacity

  • Does the team member increase the energy level of the leadership team?
  • Does the team member increase the influence of your organization in general?
  • Has the team member helped you gain new ground as an organization?


These are questions your organization can ask when it comes to discerning value from the employer-side of the relationship. However, the side of WorkJoy that often gets undervalued or unrecognized is the personal, me-side. In order to truly experience WorkJoy, it must be two-sided.

You should make your work a better place, and your workplace should make you a better person.Click To Tweet

Stay tuned– we are going to look at the personal side of finding joy at work in part two of this article next week.

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