Why Stewardship Trumps Strategy

Far too many times I see it happen, hear about it and sometimes do it myself…inspired by a great speaker, conference, or offsite I return to my job only to get lost in the daily grind and never end up implementing that great strategy.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Try this on for size:  Start this year off with a great plan to infect your church with generosity.  When you do this well, it will grow and so will your regular weekly offerings.

It’s common to see 10% or more coming in each week; then, revisit your strategy.  You will find the increased financial margin will allow you to pull the trigger on many things you were previously unable to execute.

Here are 3 fantastic first steps:

1. Include a hand signed letter from the Senior Pastor with every single 2012 tax year giving statement you send out.  Believe me this is the one letter you send out that is guaranteed to get opened!  Include these elements:

    • Say thank you in the opening statement.
    • In the body, say thank you for impacting 2012 and specifically list several great advances in your church last year.  Let them know it is b/c of their generosity.
    • Close with a reminder of your appreciation.

Ensure you cast vision for 2013.  Put a “P.S.” at the bottom with something they can be praying for in 2013.

2. Offer a financial health small group no less than twice a year.  (Crown Financial or Dave Ramsey’s FPU are good options).

3. Develop a stewardship leadership team that can do 90% of this legwork for you!

4. I know I said 3, but this one is free:  Consider hiring a coach to help you implement these and many other healthy stewardship practices in 2013.  After all, ideas are great, but they are just waiting to be implemented.

Sean Morgan | Coaching


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