The Best Message Ever

Have you ever listened to a speaker, received an e-mail, or read a website that sounded like this video? They contain a message with a whole lot of content but very little being said. Worst off, the communicator might have thought it was one of his best messages ever. The landscape of communication has changed not only in our churches but also all around us. Regardless of the platform, we seem to have little patience for long-winded explanations and excessive verbosity. In a 140-character world, succinctness, brevity, and pithiness have become the new communication norm.

The ability to make the complex simple has become more valuable in our media saturated culture. That is why having the right Communication Director has become more important than ever. These ‘guardians of communication’ have the ability to cut through the noise and identify the core of what needs to be said. The deluge of information provided through the Internet, e-mail, and social media have caused our churches to be filled with an overwhelming amount of knowledge, statistics, art, and stories. However, it takes a ‘champion of the simple’ to digest and communicate it all in a clear and compelling way.

Within your church, do you have a key leader that has the innate ability to simplify and communicate? In an era where we hear too much information, position these linchpins to filter and direct the communications of your church. Don’t add to the noise – instead create something that is REALLY worth calling the best message ever.

Tony Kim | Communications Lead

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