Neal Joseph

Vice President Nonprofit

Neal Joseph brings more than 35 years of senior-level leadership experience in the corporate, church and nonprofit worlds to his VP role at Slingshot Group, heading its nonprofit search and consulting group. He was a former divisional president at Warner Bros. Records, COO at Generous Giving, and senior vice president of international partnerships at Compassion International. He has served on the board of American Leprosy Missions for more than 15 years (and as its current and past Chair), a global organization devoted to restoring the lives of people affected by leprosy worldwide, and as the past Chairman of the Board of WAY Media, a network of 23 Christian radio stations across the USA.

Neal has traveled to more than 50 countries throughout the world, both Western and developing, and understands the challenges and opportunities of doing both ministry and business there. Known globally as an innovative thinker and consummate networker, Neal cares deeply about helping nonprofits and Kingdom-minded businesses find great servant leadership in order to be creative, compelling and maximized for effective Kingdom work.