Mitch Burch


As a leader for more than 43 years, Mitch Burch brings a depth of experience in all areas of church life and most coaching environments. Having led four great churches, developing staff and a growth culture in each ministry, Mitch knows what it takes to create ministry teams and foster unity and growth in the work of the Kingdom.  He is widely viewed as an expert in Preaching, Pastoral Ministry, Mission and Strategic Vision, Development, Organizational and Professional Assessment, Church Health Assessment and Implementation and Leadership/Life Coaching. He is deeply committed to the Body of Christ and is eager to see the Kingdom of God advanced through every local church, pastor and minister. As an associate in the coaching division of Slingshot Group, Mitch enjoys connecting with senior pastors and executive staff in a full range of coaching contexts. 

Mitch lives in WV and has two adult children each of whom serve in full-time Christian Ministry. He is also Poppy to five of the world’s most adorable grandchildren!

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