Matt Carroll


Matt Carroll has served in the local church for 17 years in various capacities. Having led student ministry, next-gen ministry and even being a part of a church plant, he brings a wealth of experience to his role at Slingshot Group.

As an associate in the NextGen Division, Matt understands the challenges of leading in ministry. Staffing can be very difficult. Finding the right person can propel a ministry forward or cause it to struggle for years. Matt looks forward to the opportunity to help awesome churches connect with awesome leaders.

When Matt is not working with Slingshot, he runs his own business walking brands, churches and organizations of all types through the Storybrand Messaging framework. StoryBrand helps organizations know how to communicate their message in a clear and compelling way so they can grow and reach more people. Matt and his wife live in Richmond, VA and keep busy with their three boys, Micah, Judah, and Isaiah.