Beth Graybill


Beth Graybill has been working with leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and their teams for the past 15+ years. Her background is in Organizational & Leadership Development, and she currently serves as a Consultant & Storyteller. The experience Beth brings to the Slingshot Staffing and Coaching Team includes working collaboratively with for-profits and nonprofits in a wide range of industries and serving on nonprofit boards in her local community. She also served as a discipleship pastor at a church in Southern CA for a short season. Beth loves to empower progress for our partners by searching for those hard-to-find leaders and helping people tell amazing stories about the work they do and the lives they live.

When she’s not adventuring outdoors with her family, reading a good book or attending a local sporting event, Beth can be found coaching leaders, consulting with teams, collaborating on manuscript material with entrepreneurs or origin stories with organizations, and creating study guide resources for authors and editors at HCCP.

Beth has been married for over two decades to her husband, Matt. Together they have two teenage sons, Kallan and Aaron, and a golden retriever named Champ. With roots in Central PA and a lot of life experience in Southern CA, Beth and her family live in downtown South Bend, Indiana. Beth serves at South Bend City Church where her husband is the executive pastor.

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