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“It’s been a great first week on the job and I am excited to be here and on staff!  We know this is where God is leading and directing us for His purpose.

“Happiest check I have EVER cut!”

As a Slingshot Group team member, these were deeply satisfying words to receive via email this past week from both the Executive Pastor I had the privilege of placing, and the hiring church we served.

Getting to this point was the culmination of many months of hard work:

  • Providing a fresh perspective in assessing the “state of the church” and its unique structure and needs
  • Asking hard questions and making strategic suggestions for change
  • Guiding the senior pastor and elders in their desired candidate profile development
  • Tenaciously searching the nation for ideal candidates to vet and present to the church for consideration
  • Walking the team through the process of identifying the right candidates, interviewing, and helping to negotiate a hiring package that was honorable to both parties
  • And most importantly, a lot of listening, prayer, patience, encouragement and communication.

If you haven’t been through a crucial outside hire before, navigating this process to find an ideal candidate to move your church forward in fulfilling its mission is a much more complex and time consuming undertaking than most leaders and search teams realize.  It can be, or once into the process can become, a daunting task with very high stakes.

This is where Slingshot Group can be of significant help.

At the risk of sounding like an ad, my intent is rather to help inform you from a personal perspective as to what we do, why, and why it works–for the good of your sanity and your church’s heath.  Often, church leaders are either unaware that there is specialized help available to serve the church in the areas of search and coaching, or leaders may be hesitant to partner with an outside ministry because “investing in this kind of assistance hasn’t been the precedent in our church”, or questions arise like, “How could someone outside our church culture understand our needs?”.

Here’s a small window into the practical, “inside” workings of our group to give you a better picture of how a partnership with us might benefit you as you embark on a new staff hire.

1.  We desire to relationally engage with you, to understand you and your ministry, your hopes, how your distinctive organization functions and find exceptional candidates in light of that knowledge–rather than just providing potential names for you to pursue.

2.  We provide objectivity and experience to help you celebrate the unique and healthy qualities of your ministry and assist in identifying areas of needed growth, with recommendations for strategic adjustments or refinements, and staffing that will encourage that growth.

3.  We save you the drain of time, workload and added footwork for Human Resources, the Lead or Executive Pastor, and/or Elder or Search Team, by renting us as experts in our field.  (Imagine finding the time, on top of your–or your team’s–normal demanding schedule, to seek out and weed through hundreds of resumes and ensuing conversations, research and paperwork, where less than 10% of the candidates end up even being viable for your needs.)

4.  We can expose and connect you to more and better national candidates than you may be able to access on your own.

5.  We aid in faster, QUALITY hires, knowing that the right leadership and staff, in the long run, is your best investment.

6.  When you engage us as partners in this process, you get both the individual attention of one associate who is specifically invested in your corner, ALONG WITH the input, strength, depth and breadth of our TEAM.

God has cumulatively brought our team through just about every imaginable challenge in ministry–with the joy and road rash to prove it.  Our hope is to come alongside you and serve you in maximizing your ministry, avoiding pitfalls, and placing leadership and staff in their sweet spot so that your ministry becomes remarkable in and for the Kingdom.

Bottom line:  You don’t have to go this alone.  Let us partner with you…we are better together.

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