Podcast: Finding Your Next Great Hire

by:  |  March 25th, 2016  |  Staffing  | 


Slingshot President and Staffing Lead Monty Kelso is a nationally recognized leader and clinician with decades of experience serving the local church. His national network and passion for the church helps keep Slingshot innovative and relational in its solutions and services.

Monty was recently featured in a recent interview on the Provision for Leaders podcast titled “Finding Your Next Great Hire.” Highlights of the episode include discussions on:

  • The acceptance of a new kind of search and staffing model in the local church, and what the staffing process/timeline looks like
  • The most frequent pitfalls churches may encounter from conducting staff searches on their own
  • Who you want to have on the “other side of the table” when making church staffing decisions
  • Generational differences in tenure and the best ways to minimize church staff turnover

Finding the right team members with the character, competencies, and chemistry to match your vision and church culture can oftentimes be time consuming—and risky. One wrong call and you pay for it for years. If you’re tired of slogging through applications to fill a staff position, you’ll appreciate the insights Monty brings into this discussion.

In this episode, Monty unpacks a revolutionary new staffing and coaching model that is transforming staff search for hundreds of ministries—with remarkable results. If you want to learn how to build remarkable teams and strengthen your ministry, this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

Listen to the full podcast here.