Only One Standing

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I couldn’t help but smile from deep in my soul as I watched my just-turned-15-year-old son bravely strum, sing and share his heart as he co-led worship this past weekend alongside his beloved mentor, Tim Timmons.

Though Tim often plays before thousands on stages around the nation, he is one of those rare guys who diligently fights against the normal trappings of public success, choosing to stay engaged in less flashy roles.  Things like using his gifts to help a small church start-up, a standing gig to serve and love on struggling long-term residents at a local broken-down motel, and investing in mentoring a young boy-man who can’t give him anything or connect him to anyone who could further his ministry career.

Common wisdom might say devoting yourself and your time to “less flashy” pursuits isn’t the smartest choice for catapulting a ministry forward.  But I know that to my son, and maybe to Jesus, these pursuits are priceless.

As a pastor or leader within your church, if you were really honest with yourself, do you spend more time building YOUR kingdom or GOD’s Kingdom?  If you stopped to actually look at your current schedule, would the entries clearly reflect the pursuits of Jesus?

It’s so easy to get caught up in what we think will serve and build a (our) ministry, that we can end up in a process of striving for an outcome that will appear successful and we hope will honor God.  I wonder if His real purpose for our (His) ministry is simply that we align with His agenda, follow His lead when practical and convenient–or not, and abandon the outcome to Him?

Easy to say, hard to apply.  I pray that as we survey our personal lives and lead our ministries, we will have the boldness to open our eyes and hearts to see the difference between building our own kingdom and building HIS KINGDOM, so that (as Tim said so well in this excerpt of one of his recent songs) HIS KINGDOM ALONE WILL BE THE ONLY ONE STANDING. 


                                                                                            “Only One Standing”

I have tried to stand without Your power

Built my house on sand with my own mortar

And the ground below is quaking

I have looked to man for my approval

Built my confidence apart from You

And now all the walls are shaking

So I turn my eyes to the only hope I know

I surrender all

Would You tear down all these walls

That rise between us, blinding freedom

I surrender all

Would You let my kingdom fall

For Yours alone will be

 The only one standing

Sherri Alden | Senior Leadership