#OC16: Redefining The Role Of The Next Gen Leader, Frank Bealer

Frank BealerWell! Orange Conference 2016 is officially underway and we couldn’t be more excited. Today’s first session is from Family Pastor Frank Bealer of Elevation Church (Pastor Steven Furtick) in Charlotte, NC. We had some time to catch up with Frank before the session and he is super excited. This session is all about redefining what a Next Gen Pastor role should be through the eyes of Orange. We hope you enjoy the notes from this awesome session!

Redefining the Role of a Next Gen Leader

Next Gen ministry can sometimes be very difficult define. Churches of all shapes and sizes might define it differently. Some might call it Next Gen while others might call it Family Pastor. The definition of what Next Generation Ministry might look like will vary depending on where you sit in your church. While a specific age group specific position will be a 20% generalist position and 80% specialist, the role of the Next Gen Leader is more 80% generalist and 20% specialist. So what are the major things that a Next Gen Leader does? Orange has it narrowed down to 6 main areas.

  1. Align Key Leaders: It is a huge priority for the Next Gen Leader to make sure that all of the key leaders in the next generation departments of your church are aligned and on the same page. There can be a ton of damage done in a church simply by having leaders that operate in silos and fail to see the big picture in regards to strategy for kids and families.
  2. Champion Every Age Group: The Next Gen Leader is the marketer of all ministries of the church involving kids and students. This person should be a person that sits at the leadership table in your church with the sole purpose of ensuring that overall church direction and events don’t negatively affect people inside the church with kids.
  3. Gauge Effectiveness and Success: It is so important for the NextGen Leader to make sure the success of one area of ministry doesn’t undermine the effectiveness of another ministry. Orange is now launching a brand new tool that helps you gauge effectiveness in your church. Go to YouLeadMinistry.com and enter your information to download these awesome tools!
  4. Assist Ministry Systems: Many systems have an expiration date. What worked at one time might not work when your church transitions to a new level. The NextGen Leader serves as a key person who is constantly evaluating and living inside the details of ministry systems to make sure that everything is working the way that it should. The Next Gen Leader should always be looking at systems to find patterns that might be negatively effecting the overall purpose and mission of the church.
  5. Expand Learning: It is very important for your teams to be developing and learning. It is even more important when it comes to staff. A Next Gen Leader has a deep responsibility to make sure that key age group leaders are developing and learning to do what they do better. A great way to do this is to be constantly showing them your own decision making process. One-on-one meetings with key leaders is very important. Since our age group leaders are 80% specialists it can be very hard for them to see their gaps in development. A Next Gen Leader can see these gaps because they are 80% focused on the general flow of these areas. It is so important to have a person in this position who can see these gaps so a culture of development can be achieved.
  6. Partner With Parents: The parents in your church should not be sideline supporters. They should be partners. It is important that the children’s and student ministries in your church don’t create confusion in parents by delivering opposing messages when it comes to parenting and supporting the growth of their children. The Next Gen Leader needs to be the one that champions the overall strategies of partnering with parents so growth is promoted.

So where in these 6 areas do you live in the most? Which area do you need to spend more time in?

We hope you enjoyed this session from Orange Conference 2016. If you would like to know more about Orange and all of the great tools they provide please check them out at http://www.whatisorange.org

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