#OC16: Monday is Coming, Reggie Joiner

ReggieWe are at the first session of the Orange Conference 2016. The opening segment was hilarious and the music is rocking!  This year’s theme is “Monday Is Coming”. Reggie Joiner, the founder and CEO of ReThink Group, is now on the stage for the opening session.

Reggie is talking tonight about how hard all of us in ministry work to make that hour on Sunday something special. We work all week to make sure that no detail gets missed. Sunday never has to be:

  • Boring
  • Superficial
  • Irrelevant
  • Exclusive
  • Disconnected

But there is a secret…

“You have to imagine someone’s Monday before you can re-imagine what happens on Sunday.”

You see, we can work all week for an hour on Sunday, but none of it matters if we don’t understand what  the people we are ministering to on Sunday are walking into on Monday. Mondays have a pretty bad reputation.  Mondays for many are loud, stressful, demanding and often downright difficult. The majority of working Americans begin dreading what Monday brings as early as noon on Sunday.

As leaders of the local church, we want to speak truth to the people God has entrusted us with. But sometimes the truth doesn’t matter. The truth only matters when LOVE matters. Sometimes what you say doesn’t matter…even if it is true. When you say what you say in a way that it matters, then it matters. The truth matters when people know that they matter to you.

You can’t speak the truth in love if you don’t know the people you are speaking to. You need to understand their life away from church. You need to understand their Monday. It isn’t your job to fix anyone. But it is your job to love them.

Sometimes it can be easier to speak truth than to love. Sometimes we fear that too much love compromises the truth, but it’s actually the opposite. When Jesus went to the cross, all of a sudden everything He said had entirely new meeting.

It is time for us to press pause on everything we know about teenagers and kids and take time to understand them before we speak. We need to press pause on our own thoughts and feelings long enough to experience someone else’s thoughts and feelings.

The problem is that we don’t LIKE to press pause on our own thoughts and feelings. But we won’t connect to others until we take the time to understand those we are called to love. If we don’t, then we make too many assumptions and judgments. When we do that we miss the opportunity to love.

Only when you make the choice to step into someone’s Monday can you really have a lasting impact on their life. Take the time to understand what every day life looks like for the people you want to reach.

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