Preparing the Way for New Hires

Preparing the way for hiring new staff occurs long before we’re faced with the critical moment of filling a position at our church. We need to be aware of our staff dynamics at any given time so we can anticipate changes that may be on the horizon, including a staff person leaving. Having a clear read of how our current staff are working together may also help us better navigate positive changes by addressing known issues before they blow up.

Keep in mind that as you’re growing or bringing in new staff, it’s important to continue to identify and clarify your church’s vision, values and primary initiatives. The best staff members are drawn to leaders who avoid ambiguity and embrace clarity. The clearer your vision, the better you’ll be able to articulate it, and the easier it’ll be for new staff to embrace and put it into action.

When preparing for a search, choose the most capable people who understand the staff position you will be filling (this may include both staff and volunteers). These will be your “internal filters”—the people who will generate and keep the momentum going throughout the search. Keep the search team lean and focused to provide for better decision-making throughout the process. More often than not, getting too many people involved will bog the process down rather than helping you in the end.

From this pre-defined group of people,identify a primary ambassador. This contact must have a comprehensive understanding of the church, the role, and know how to best communicate with others interpersonally. The initial point of contact representing the church with the candidate cannot be underestimated!

Throughout the preparation process, remember to always prayerfully seek God’s perfect provision. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and revelation throughout the process. Allow Him to direct you and trust Him to bring the right people to the table. God already knows who the right fit for the position will be—trust that He will make it clear to you.

This is an excerpt from Monty’s new ebook STAFFING SMARTS: Effective Techniques to Help You Hire the Best. To read more, download this free resource here.

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