Build a Foundation for Long-term Results

The first 90 days are a critical time for new hires to get onboarded and start well.

Equip your new staff member to start contributing value sooner with coaching and training.

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Why Invest in the First 90 Days

By investing in your new hire’s first 90 days, you help them contribute value to the organization sooner, build lasting trust with their team, and establish a foundation of long-term leadership results.

Launch: The First 90 Days includes coaching, training, tools, and resources designed to help your new team member:

Integrate into your organization more smoothly
Become a fully functioning member of the team more quickly
Set an early track record for sustained success

How it Works

Launch: The First 90 Days, your new staff member will get access to:

Launch Tools
and Resources
6 Coaching

Your new hire will complete the Participant Guide throughout their training. During coaching calls, their coach will debrief any previously assigned work, coach on topics and tools designated to that particular call, and assign work to be completed before the next call.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to meet with your team member one on one to get updates on what they’re learning.

Decades of Experience. Proven Results.

  • "Stepping into a new leadership position with so much to do and so many people to connect with, I found myself needing a tool to help me gauge what mattered most. Launch: The First 90 Days was exactly what I needed to help me sift through those thoughts, put a series of action plans down on paper, and execute them well."

    Steven Hill

    Faith Church, Kent, WA

  • "Launch: The First 90 days was a great tool for me as I entered a new chapter and context of my ministry life. The concepts and tools in the program really helped me ensure that I was starting well and setting myself up for future success."

    Jamison Elder

    FBC Umatilla

  • “This is the best tool that Slingshot Group has put out. I had recently transitioned from a Youth Pastor role at my current church to the Executive Pastor. Launch: The First 90 Days helped me think through how to start off my new role well.”

    Chad Richards

    Canyon Springs Church

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  • Flatirons Church
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Start building your best team! With coaching for new staff, teams, leaders in transition, and succession, we’ll help your organization reach its highest potential.

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