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Youth Worldview Training Director

Indianapolis, Indiana

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Connection Pointe is a contagious congregation that averages over 4,000 in total attendance each weekend. From the moment you step on the CPCC campus you experience a commitment to excellence and you feel the care of a strong staff and lay leadership team. From the parking lot to the café, children’s, youth and main auditorium there is an obvious love for God and devotion to each other. It is a big church that has learned how to grow small and love and lead people well!

    About This Organization

    At Connection Pointe, the mission is simple and runs through the fabric of all the ministries and staff.

    “Connecting people to Jesus and each other.”

    Connection Pointe was founded in 1837. The first congregation met in homes around Brownsburg and eventually in the town’s first schoolhouse. In the next 100 years the church would not only grow through many building projects, but also in its outreach to the community and world.

    The church relocated to its current location in 2001. Brownsburg Christian Church became Connection Pointe Christian Church in 2006.

    In 2017 John Dickerson was welcomed as the 36th Lead Pastor of Connection Pointe. Since then God has blessed Connection Pointe with continued growth.

    Connection Pointe has a strong focus on excellent weekend services where they pride themselves on multi-generational worship. Connection Pointe’s impact and influence pushes beyond the walls of the church with a commitment to digital viewership. Connection Pointe is now reaching as many as 15,000 people online with their message and story. In a world where Blockbuster is dead and Netflix is thriving Connection Pointe knows digital delivery will be a key strategy to connect more people to Christ.

    Position Description

    The Youth Worldview Training Director wakes up every morning thinking about how to “Raise the Strongest Generation: by forming a Biblical worldview (equivalent to a Christian school education in Bible/history) for 1,500-2,000 pubic school educated K-12 graders. The Director will pioneer events, experiences and relationships that create a deeper discipleship track for 5th to 12th grade students outside of the existing weekend ministries. These relationships should continue through their 20s to age 29.

    Major Responsibilities:

    • Own, create and manage the following annual events/initiatives
    • Summer Scholars-vetting, hiring, training 15-30 scholars in residence (paid college students); vetting recruiting lay volunteers, to explore/learn how to bring a Summit 2 week experience onto church campus.
    • School year deeper Worldview track for middle/high school, utilizing Anchors Away for Juniors/Seniors in High School and similar curriculums.
    • College Prep Fair one time per year annual event focused on preparing students and their parents to make college choices through a spiritual lens.
    • Worldview Conference at CP on time per year annual event with focus on parents and grandparents as attendees, enlightening them to the battle for the minds and lives of their children and grandchildren.

    A full Job Description is available upon request.

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