The Bridge Church

Worship Pastor

Linwood, Pennsylvania

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Every local church has its unique vision and calling to reach its community. But oftentimes we spend our energy copying other churches and trying to look like the cutting edge church across town. It’s refreshing when a church knows who they are and develop unique strategies to reach the area they are in. This is The Bridge Church in Linwood, Pennsylvania. The Worship Pastor position at The Bridge is an opportunity to build a worship culture in the midst of a worshiping community. God is at work in and through the Bridge Church and we’re excited to partner with this mission-driven church on this key hire.

    About This Organization

    The Bridge is located in Linwood, just outside Philadelphia, PA and part of Delaware county. While located in Pennsylvania, The Bridge Church is minutes from the New Jersey and Delaware state lines. The church was once Marcus Hook Baptist Church, a church with a long history, dating back to the late 18 century. As factories and oil refineries moved into the area, the area began to change drastically and rapidly. The countryside and farms were replaced with row homes, bars & corner stores & in the last several decades has grown into an increasingly urban-esque environment.

    Around 8 years ago, as the church was struggling to keep the lights on and membership had dwindled to just a hand full of faithful men & women, a new pastor, who was leading another congregation in the area without a physical location, was voted in and a marriage of sorts took place between Marcus Hook Baptist Church & Life Church of Delaware County. The church is now The Bridge Church, at which time the current lead pastor (Aaron Harding), stepped into the role and began leading the church into its next season of ministry.

    Position Description

    The Worship Director at The Bridge is an opportunity to develop culture and build with a fresh vision. Since the beginning of COVID this year, the team has gone through a lot of transition. There is a strong core team ready to run into the future that God has prepared. The Bridge is a worshiping church and ready for a strong leader to steward an excellent culture of passionate worship. The goal is not just to lead worship but to recruit and develop musicians, singers, and worship leaders within the church.

    This role will oversee the worship and production volunteers, manage the equipment, and cast the vision for the entire worship & creative ministry. A key aspect of this role will be organization and communication. The ministry is in need of an organized leader who can develop systems that will promote further growth and effectiveness as a department. Pastor Aaron is a leader who values worship and is supportive of a vision that reaches the community of Marcus Hook, Linwood, and beyond.

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