Heartland Community Church

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About This Organization

Once upon a time, people gathered together in an atmosphere of genuine love for one another, where people were accepted unconditionally – regardless of ancestry, social status, or their personal situation. It was a time when people freely gave to each other according to need. Sometimes, the need involved food or money. Most often, it involved simply caring and offering support. The scene was from the first century A.D., in the early years of Christianity. At Heartland Community Church, their goal is to build a community that believes in and practices these same values.
In September 1996, a group of individuals from Parma Heights Baptist Church began meeting together to start a new kind of church in the fast-growing area of Medina County. It was designed to be a “church for the unchurched” for individuals who “had given up on church, but not on God.” This new church would be a safe place for those who were “seeking” God. It would be a church where they could feel free to sit back and consider the claims of Christianity without feeling any pressure in any way.
Much work went into structuring this church, and after a year of prayerful planning, Heartland Community Church began public services in September 1997. Heartland is a young church ready to meet the demands of a new century. They desire to be culturally relevant as they work to meet the needs of their community.
The current Lead Pastor, Dave Ambrose, joined HCC in 2012. Since then, the church has rapidly grown from one Sunday service with 200 attendees to three Sunday services at two campus locations and over 1,300 attendees.

Position Description

To lead the growth and development of Worship ministry through music directing, worship leading, relational investment in volunteers, and administration.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead Worship Services
  • Provide Spiritual Guidance to the Team
  • Volunteer Leadership Development
  • Serve on the Leadership Team
  • Collaborate with Other Ministry Leaders


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