Calvary Fellowship Downingtown

Worship Pastor



About This Organization

Located in Eastern Pennsylvania at the crossroads leading to the major east coast cities. While the post-Christian culture prevails, the remnant of many religious expressions is very visible. Calvary Fellowship Downingtown is a church that loves Jesus and is committed to the Word of God, prayer, groups, and making radical Christianity into normal Christianity. The vision is all about inspiring each other to follow Jesus and take up their cross and follow Him.

Lee Wiggins has been the Lead Pastor at Calvary Fellowship Downingtown for 9 years. He is a veteran visionary leader who can see the big picture and empower his team to lead at a high level. Pastor Lee preaches from the Bible in a way that is true to the text and relevant to our culture while being catalytic to your life.

Position Description

The Worship Pastor at Calvary Fellowship is stepping into a healthy team culture. While there’s always room for growth, this team is hungry, gifted, humble, and positioned for its most effective season of ministry yet. The main thrust of this role is not only leading powerful, engaging worship but coaching and developing the current and future worship team members of Calvary Fellowship. This is a role about empowering others and creating a movement that will grow as the church continues to grow its reach in Eastern Pennsylvania and around the world. Community and discipleship will be key components for this team moving forward. This isn’t just about great Sunday experiences. This is about recruiting and releasing others into ministry.

Calvary currently has a Production Coordinator and a strong roster of musicians and worship leaders. This leader will oversee this team and continue developing volunteers within this team across the organization.

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