Crossroads Christian Church

Worship Leader

Grand Prairie, Texas

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Crossroads Christian Church is a church on mission. The people at Crossroads focus on two kinds of relationships: a relationship with God and relationships with one another. They are a warm and welcoming community with a heart for outreach and an emphasis on discipleship.

    The Worship Ministry at Crossroads Christian Church is a high-value, frontline focus of the church. This is a great opportunity for a flexible, experienced, engaging leader to join an enthusiastic team and lead an excellent worship experience. The team is excited for fresh ideas. They are hungry for great leadership. They’re ready to go to the next level.

    About This Organization

    Crossroads Christian Church is a diverse, multigenerational church that has impacted its region for over 50 years. Pastor Barry Cameron became its fifth pastor in August of 1992 and has since grown the church from about 188 people to 6,400 in weekly attendance. Pastor Cameron is a strong, visionary leader who leads with a transformational leadership style. The team rallies behind that vision and energetically seeks to accomplish it. Crossroads has recently pursued a time of clarifying and refining and has been reorganizing and optimizing their staff to prepare them to be a church reaching 10-12,000 people.

    Crossroads Christian Church sits debt-free on a beautiful, 150-acre campus in Grand Prairie, Texas (in the Dallas-Fort Worth region). As they continue to build and expand to accommodate growth, Crossroads has never been and will never be about “sticks and stones.” Their heart is flesh and bones. They have a passion to see lives changed forever by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Crossroads is a staff-led, elder-protected church. They are an Independent Christian Church.

    Position Description

    At Crossroads Christian Church, the Worship Leader will lead a dynamic, diverse worship ministry at a church committed to reaching the lost through every available means.  They will work closely with the Pastor to develop a creative, catalytic worship experience that will take them to the next level. Crossroads is looking for a big-picture leader that loves people and excels in leading teams. They want a leader that is passionate about people being drawn to the presence of God through effective, excellent, and powerful worship.

    Qualifications include:

    • A minimum of three years of worship leading in a church environment
    • Proficiency in vocals and leading from an instrument
    • Sacrificial team player in serving in God’s family
    • Must be flexible
    • Must value feedback and create environments that foster feedback, opinions, and ideas
    • Must become a tithing member of Crossroads Christian Church
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