Calvary Church

Worship Arts Associate Pastor/Choir Director

Springfield, Illinois

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Calvary Church’s mission is to compel every person in central Illinois to seriously consider the claims of Christ and to support ministries around the world that do the same. To accomplish this means more than just telling and showing people about Jesus; it means meeting people’s physical, emotional, and financial needs at home and worldwide. They desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

    The Worship Arts Associate Pastor/Choir Director role at Calvary Church represents an opportunity for a talented and gifted leader to work in a growing ministry with the potential to expand their scope of leadership over time.

    About This Organization

    Calvary Church was founded in 1966 as Calvary Temple by Pastors M.C. and Betty Johnson. Their son Mark Johnson took over as senior pastor in 1994. With its sights set on expansion and targeting young families, Calvary purchased 200 acres on the south side of Springfield and opened a second campus on that property, including an impressive children’s wing with an indoor Play Zone, Cafe 501, and a new sanctuary. The former campus still houses a daycare, PreK-12 private school, and a weekend worship service.

    Calvary Church holds the core values that the Bible is the standard for faith and conduct, love for others determines their actions, service is their purpose, and connection brings life. Before COVID, around 800 people gathered to worship on the weekends. Worship here is energetic, modern, and band-led. Soon, they will relaunch a modern worshipping choir that will help lead on most weekends. As part of the Assemblies of God, Calvary is known for being the only larger church in the community that is charismatic. However, they are not highly demonstrative in the gifts of the Spirit within their services. An ever-increasing focus on prayer has marked this congregation over the last two years.

    Position Description

    The new Worship Arts Associate Pastor/Choir Director will join a staff team made up of the Executive Director of Worship Arts who leads the department, a technical director that handles worship tech (AVL), and an administrative assistant. Primary responsibilities will include serving as one of the lead worshippers, directing small group vocals, overseeing and directing the worship choir, and participating in planning and implementing weekly services and special events.

    Calvary Church is looking for a confident leader with strong musical skills and administrative competence. The ability to play an instrument would be a benefit, though not required. What is important is that the new leader has significant platform skills with exceptional vocal ability. As a vocal/choir director, the new hire should understand the technical skills of coaching other vocalists and leading vocal rehearsals. The Worship Arts Associate Pastor/Choir Director should be a relational leader seeking to engage with people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and stages of life. Not simply a musician, this person should have the heart of a pastor and worshipper who cares for others and invites them into worship. The candidate should be a team player with a passion for building the Kingdom.

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