First Church

Wheatfield Worship Director



Why I Love This Opportunity

David Santistevan

Senior Associate

The work that God is doing at First Church is remarkable. Lives are being changed. People coming to Christ. This is the kind of church you don’t normally see in a small town, but God is doing remarkable things. They are leading a movement to make disciples. I’m excited to find their new Worship Director because this is a place that is growing and taking ground for the Kingdom of God.

About This Organization

First Church was founded in 1893 by several immigrant families who were seeking to worship God freely in America. Through the decades, God has blessed First Church with love for God and love for each other. Several of First Church’s original founding families still call this church home more than five generations later, truly making First Church a place with a generation after generation legacy! Today, worship attendance is between 1,400-1,600 people per weekend at two locations.

Their story is a compelling one—filled with humble beginnings, sacrificial generosity, gospel-centered ministry, transformational leadership, and God-honoring initiatives to reach the lost. First Church remains anchored to their unique identity and calling while stewarding their resources to reach an increasing number of people who call First Church home. As with any church, growth involves both great joy and great challenge. First Church is no exception in this regard. Coupling a desire to remain faithful to God’s Word while stewarding their call to reach and disciple the new people God sends through their doors, First Church has embraced those challenges and changes without compromise and with a renewed sense of passion to go boldly into the future God has prepared for them.



Position Description

The Wheatfield Worship Director will oversee the worship ministry at First Church’s largest location. This is a campus of 1800-2200 people with 4 Sunday services. Wild success would be thriving worship teams, vibrant worship culture, and amazing weekend worship experiences at the Wheatfield campus.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Developing volunteer musicians
  • Recruit and care for volunteers at Wheatfield
  • Meet with and lead people to Jesus and mentor/disciple them
  • Set up video, lights, projection, songs, & Ableton to be sent to multisite locations
  • Creative planning/strategy for the worship experience


What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • A collaborative, team player
  • A relational leader who loves people and leading teams
  • A strong worship leader with a passion for further developing a worship culture
  • An evangelistic heart for lost people to find Christ
  • Recruit and develop talent across worship, music, & production areas

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