Westwinds Community Church

Lead Pastor

Jackson, Michigan

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Westwinds has always been a church where all are welcome. They are the church where divorcees with tattoos can bring their kids and pray for their dad. They are the church where people are embraced and engaged without fear of being castigated or shamed. They are the church where baptisms feel like the Super Bowl, and Christmas takes your breath away. And, beyond all this, in this season, the team is looking at the scope of current ministry and asking “What happens next?” for people as they find Christ, settle in, and seek to grow. While Westwinds recognizes no one church is excellent at everything, they also care deeply for their people’s long-term spiritual growth and are seeking to discern what the back end of ministry might look like in the future.

    About This Organization

    Westwinds Community Church was founded in Jackson, Michigan in 1988. A group of 5 families that attended a bible study by the founder during his high school years reconvened when he completed his bachelor’s and doctorate level studies to form what was initially called Charis Christian Center. In 1999, Charis rebranded to Westwinds Community Church.

    Westwinds started as a charismatic church that transitioned to a seeker-sensitive model by the end of its first decade. In the early 2000s, Westwinds transitioned away from the Seeker model to a more experiential, aesthetic, and creative format. Westwinds values highly creative surroundings, interactive experiences, and strong teaching that draws individuals closer to God. The vibrant experience, strong teaching, and sharp, young staff attract young families with children—the current pastor is departing on good terms after serving Westwinds faithfully for 16 years.

    Since COVID, Westwinds has not recovered everyone who chose not to attend during the pandemic as attendance is now roughly half of those that attended during the peak. The financial position is solid and the church is dreaming of a leader who will bring an infusion of new ideas for improving children’s ministry and small groups.

    Position Description

    The Lead Pastor sets the overall vision, mission, and direction for the church.


    • Establishes the comprehensive vision for the church.
    • Innovates new liturgies, new missiology, and new infrastructures to suit constantly changing times.
    • Presents the vision for the strategic planning process.
    • Designs – develop and carries out the church’s communication strategy through preaching and teaching.
    • Actively serves as a member of the Finance Team.
    • In concert with Finance Team, prepares and presents the proposed budget to Elder Team.
    • Serves as chair of the Elder Team, ensuring positive relationships and open communication.
    • Selects sets goals, and evaluates staff, either personally or through subordinate leadership.
    • Consistently demonstrates a commitment to the Mission and Vision of Westwinds and modeling communications and behaviors to foster cooperation and a positive culture.
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