Vail Christian Church

Worship Pastor

Tucson, Arizona

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Vail Christian Church has indeed been humbled by the commitment to establish a church in the Vail community. Vail Christian has developed a heritage of reaching young families with children & teenagers, solid bible teaching, generosity, and partnering/supporting the local school district.

    About This Organization

    Since the inception of Vail Christian Church, the mission has been to make room in life to connect people with God and others.

    They want to worship, gather, give, and serve the sovereign King of the universe.

    They are about fostering community, empowering people, telling their stories, and utilizing the facilities to further the Kingdom. They desire to carry out the mandate that has been given to us by Jesus Christ to make disciples and teach them all that He has commanded us.

    Position Description

    The new worship pastor will help change everything for their weekend gatherings as they invite neighbors and friends to worship with them. A new facility, top-of-the-line technology, and the opportunity to be part of a team reaching the growing community is the opportunity of a ministry lifetime. Building a new auditorium is a giant step in faith that we believe is not only necessary for our church but will benefit the people of Vail. It will be a season of a lot of hard work, trying new things, trusting God, and partnering with our amazing ministry family every week.

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