Trinity Baptist Church

Worship Pastor

New York,

New York

Why I Love This Opportunity

David Santistevan

Senior Associate

There’s something about living life and doing ministry in the city. The world is outside your doorstep. There are endless opportunities to explore new food, new culture, and, in some ways, be at the center of the world. That’s why I’m excited to partner with Trinity Baptist Church. The opportunities for ministry and discipleship are endless, and this is a wonderful team ready to partner with a new Worship Pastor.

About This Organization

Trinity Baptist Church exists to help people worship God, grow together, and make a difference. As a congregation, they have been helping people find and follow Jesus in New York City for over 155 years.

Trinity was originally founded in 1867 as an immigrant church and named “The First Swedish Baptist Church of New York.” The building was dedicated on January 24, 1931, and officially changed to its current name on January 25, 1942. This latter date also marked the transition from Swedish to English in the major services to continue reaching the changing demographics of their day. That commitment to innovation and incarnation for the sake of the gospel continues today. Evidence of Trinity’s Swedish roots are visible in the unique architecture of the building.

Today, Trinity Baptist Church is a healthy, vibrant, and diverse congregation. People from all walks of life (socio-economic, ethnic, linguistic, age and stage, etc.) call Trinity home, making it one of the most diverse congregations in Manhattan. While there is a lot of mature Christian leaders within the congregation, Trinity is also in a season of growth, with many coming who are exploring faith or just starting out on their faith journey.

Trinity is one of a few legacy Evangelical congregations on Manhattan’s East Side, an area of more than a half million people in a city of over eight million. Trinity passionately believes that their doors are open after so many years because God isn’t done with Trinity. With the growth of globalization and urbanization, reaching centers of cultural influence like NYC with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ is perhaps more critical now than ever.

Position Description

The Worship Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church will oversee the church’s worship and production areas. The worship team is engaged and motivated to continue pressing on to what God has next for them as a team.

This is a great opportunity to shape the worship culture of Trinity. The team is currently made up of two worship leaders (Heidi and Lisa) and a team of professional, contract musicians in the city. Morale is high, and community is strong among team members.

Key Responsibilities:

  • The Worship Pastor will lead the congregation toward authentic worship by modeling and teaching such worship, creating a space where people can encounter God.
  • The Worship Pastor must have a heart for the spiritual nourishment of those in the congregation and the worship team.
  • The Worship Pastor needs to have an appreciation for a variety of Christian music and worship styles with the ability to design a blend of new, current and traditional songs for worship.
  • The Worship Pastor must demonstrate the ability to work with a diverse demographic (ethnic/cultural and socio-economic.
  • Plans, schedules, and leads the operation of corporate worship service.
  • Helps plan special services and events such as holiday services.
  • Manages music-related needs such as chord charting, song selection, volunteer training, and the overall worship culture of the church.
  • Oversee vocalists, band, and A/V teams.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • A strong candidate will lead excellent, engaging worship
  • A strong candidate will stretch the sound to match the church’s diversity.
  • A strong candidate will Shepherd the team to know and follow Jesus.
  • A strong candidate will foster a healthy worship culture.
  • A strong candidate will advance the equipment and production elements at Trinity.

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