Pantano Christian Church

Student Pastor

Tucson, Arizona

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Pantano is eager to welcome a new student pastor with open arms while empowering them to leverage every tool available for effective ministry to the next generation.

    Currently, the Student Ministry is recovering from a season of massive change. During COVID, the ministry saw all of its leadership change. This is a ministry that has seen consistent growth and new life through it all!

    Pantano is now seeing students and their families return to participating in the ministry. Average student attendance is 100-125 on Wednesday evenings and 50-80 students on Sunday mornings. Ultimately, they know that growth takes time and are encouraged as they see new families weekly and new volunteers joining to minister to students.

    With students attending from more than 10 different local high schools and middle schools, Pantano’s Student Ministry has always been a front door for new people in the community.

    About This Organization

    Pantano Christian Church is known in Tucson, and Southern Arizona, as a dynamic, generous, and culture-shaping church. Tucson is the second-largest city in Arizona with a population of around 1 million people, a diverse culture, and plenty of opportunities for outreach and service.

    Pantano generously invests in other churches, ministries, nonprofits, and governmental agencies. Committed to leading the way in equipping, mentoring, coaching, and serving other leaders in their city and beyond, Pantano is a healthy church that makes an important impact on their community.

    Post-pandemic, Pantano is reaching over 1,500 individuals through its online content in addition to their average of 1,500 in-person attendees.

    Pantano is kingdom-focused with a passion to reach the lost.

    They value and live out serving our city in numerous ways. They are generous with their time, staff, and resources to serve other churches, non-profits, government organizations, and any others they can help.

    Pantano is an externally focused church that believes, “People won’t come to church because we have great services and physical facilities, but because they know we care about them and our community.”

    Position Description

    Pantano’s Student Pastor works under the supervision of the NextGen pastor to minister to Middle School and High School students and their families.

    Primary Responsibilities:

    • All areas of the weekend and midweek Student services/gatherings
    • Implementation of a Student Discipleship Plan
    • Planning and implementation of Student Ministries events and camp.
    • Supervise the Associate Student Pastor
    • Recruit, develop, and empower adult and student leader teams
    • Communicate vision, mission, and strategies to volunteers, students, and parents
    • Cast vision for and nurture a culture where parents are their student’s primary spiritual guides
    • Develop strategies that facilitate students’ participation in the church beyond student ministries
    • Establish a presence on local school campuses
    • Oversee school small groups for MS and HS
    • Oversee and direct the Student Worship Team
    • Create relevant and engaging summer programming
    • Participate with other NextGen Team staff members to ensure smooth transitions between departments, minister more effectively to the entire family, and continue a healthy team atmosphere
    • Oversee the PSM budget
    • Train, develop, and support an existing volunteer staff of 20+
    • Provide pastoral care to middle and high school students and their families
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