Oakhouse (Formerly Rockharbor Mission Viejo Campus)

Student Pastor

Mission Viejo, California

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Oakhouse has been without a Student Pastor for almost a year. This has presented a challenge and an opportunity for the ministry. Currently, Oakhouse still has about 20-30 students who are consistently involved and six volunteer leaders who have been a part of the church and serving for a long time. With a firm foundation on which to build here, there is also a sense that this new leader will have the opportunity to start from scratch in some ways, too.
    The philosophy of ministry to youth and students is the same as the whole church—Love God, Love Others, Be A Witness, Make Disciples…and laugh and care for each other along the way. The key to success for the next leader will be someone who knows how to lead relationally, but also with great intention on making disciples who are serious about following Jesus on their campuses, teams, neighborhoods.

    About This Organization

    Oakhouse is a non-denominational church in Mission Viejo, California. For the past 12 years, Oakhouse has been a campus of Rockharbor Church in Southern California. Oakhouse will officially launch as an independent church in January of 2022. Through the years, the Rockharbor Mission Viejo campus more closely resembled an independent church, with live preaching each week and having its own board of elders.

    Family, Justice, Evangelism, Joy best describe the ethos and culture of Oakhouse.

    Oakhouse has a huge passion and vision for outreach, service, and mission. Local and global justice is the heartbeat of the church. “Making the problems of the vulnerable our own” is a priority, and they hope everyone gets involved somewhere…both for those serving and for we they are serving.

    Oakhouse believes in holistic service, where the goal is not gift-giving, but training, praying, and speaking life into those they serve so they will realize and develop their gifts.

    Oakhouse is committed to the mission of Jesus that every man, woman, and child that is a part of their community would be equipped, encouraged, and inspired to love God, love others, be a witness and make disciples.

    Position Description

    Our goal is to develop spiritually vibrant students. We seek to empower a generation to have an active relationship with God. We want students who: know him personally, passionately follow Jesus’ teachings, hear his Spirit, understand the Bible, cultivate a heart for people’s needs in our communities and the world, and doing something about it.

    We desire to see the following markers in our student ministry:

    • The active movement and ministry of the Holy Spirit
    • Kids that know God’s voice and respond
    • A generation empowered for advancing the Kingdom NOW
    • Conviction that there is no junior Holy Spirit.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Direct Middle and High School Ministry (Student Ministries) at Oakhouse by casting and maintaining vision.
    • Connect with and support parents/caregivers of students to ensure effective partnering and teamwork in the process of leading students toward embracing their full identity in Christ
    • Continued investments toward training and equipping parents/caregivers as spiritual leaders in their homes
    • Recruiting, shepherding, training, and empowering volunteer leaders
    • Develop and implement mission opportunities
    • Develop and implement camps, retreats, conferences, and other gatherings for students to deepen relationships with each other, their leaders, and God
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