Eastern Hills Community Church

Student Pastor

Aurora, Colorado

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Eastern Hills is a growing church in the Denver Metro area. They are looking for their next student pastor to help them reach more students and invite them to experience that Jesus makes life better. This is a highly engaged and collaborative team that excels at serving families and serving the broader community. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to join a student ministry team with organizational and relational skills that have built a student ministry where students grow deep but lack the ability to reach new students. Eastern Hills is looking for a dynamic leader who is passionate about reaching new students and helping them grow deep in their faith.

    About This Organization

    For over 40 years, Eastern Hills Community Church has brought hope and light to the greater Denver area. Eastern Hills was started in 1982 as a church that desired to reach out into the community of Southeast Aurora. They met in local buildings and schools and moved into their first building in 1989. Their current facility, which allowed them to be a new growing area of Aurora, opened in 2008.

    Now a church of over 800 people, Eastern Hills continues its mission to invite everyone to experience that Jesus makes life better. They are known for their many community involvement efforts, including the #foraurora project.

    Eastern Hills Community Church is an engaging church that feels welcoming and exciting. Their team is collaborative and hungry to make the most of every program and relationship. As a growing church located next door to a large local high school and middle school, they are ready to welcome a Student Pastor who is passionate about reaching the next generation.

    Position Description

    Eastern Hills has had a fair amount of turnaround in the Student Pastor role and is looking for stability in the role. They have a great student team that needs a collaborative leader to step in and help them reach more students. This is not as much of a ministry rebuild as it is a ministry install.

    Their church staff culture is fast-paced, highly collaborative, and fun. The next Student Pastor will serve a vital role on their team as they look to engage more families and students in a fast-growing area of Colorado.

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