Kensington Church

Student Ministry Director

Troy, Michigan

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Kensington Church offers a great opportunity to the right person who loves students and wants to build a thriving multi-cultural ministry in Metro Detroit. This person will join a healthy multi-site culture and have the opportunity to build and grow a team of volunteers at their location and regularly be connected to the Student Directors at the other four campuses. Kensington is a unique place and is passionate about reaching out to people. This environment and this church is the kind of place that the right person could be a part of for decades to come.

    About This Organization

    Kensington is known in the Metro Detroit area for its appreciation of the arts in worship and its focus on missions. This campus is located in Troy. Troy is a vibrant and diverse international community home to strong neighborhoods, top-ranked schools, low property tax rates, and outstanding city services. Troy is a diverse community with 99 distinct languages in the schools within a 5-mile radius of the campus.

    Kensington is a non-denominational church that the Senior Leadership Team leads. It is an egalitarian church, where women and men are equally given opportunities to lead, teach, and pastor as the Lord individually gifts people.

    Kensington is committed to the next generation. They desire to find a Student Ministry Director who is a team player and will build a ministry to reach the next generation of students from various backgrounds and cultures.

    Position Description

    This person is responsible for creating an authentic community for every student to transform and mobilize by Jesus. In addition, this role assists parents in building community and support with other like-minded parents to create God-centered families across Kensington.


    • Lead communicator for Student Ministry.
    • Lead the large group creative programming weekly gatherings.
    • Lead Student Ministries Staff.Lead weekly team meetings.
    • Establish DRs with all Student staff. Engage in staff development.
    • Execute performance evaluations and vision alignment.
    • Oversee budgets.
    • Build unity and family between Edge and Breakaway staff.
    • Oversee and lead ministry planning and vision.
    • Align with KC Central Students.
    • Attend weekly Campus meetings, KC central Edge & Breakaway meetings, and KC
    • All Staff meetings.
    • Attend monthly Family Ministry Mtgs.
    • Develop meaningful relationships with students, leaders, parents, and attendees at
    • Troy Campus.
    • Champion a growing student engagement strategy
    • Lead team in planning for student outreach and service opportunities
    • Recruit, build up, and invest in; Student Ministry Leaders/Volunteers.
    • Lead weekly leader gatherings.
    • Work with Lead Pastor, Campus Director, KKids Director, and 18/29 Director to create a unified Family Ministry strategy from birth to adult.
    • Assist the Campus Director and Lead Pastor with campus-wide projects, events, services as needed.
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