Spring Hills Community Church

Student Pastor

Santa Rosa, California

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Spring Hills Community Church is poised for growth, and they are beyond excited for a fun and highly relational student pastor to join their team. They’re looking for someone who will pour into their team of small group leaders who are dedicated to investing in the lives of their students. Their student pastor position is an exciting opportunity because momentum is growing, and there is a solid foundation on which to build.

    The student pastor position is a perfect fit for someone who values collaboration and wants to be a part of a fun team that feels like family and has an all-hands-on-deck approach to ministry. The team is healthy and highly relational. They are on mission together, and there is no doubt about it!

    About This Organization

    Spring Hills Community Church is a thriving non-denominational church with Baptist roots located on a breathtaking 30-acre vineyard in Santa Rosa, California. Their passion for making a difference in their community is evident by their incredible community events and partnerships with local churches and para-church organizations. Prior to Covid, approximately 1500 people attended their weekend services.

    Spring Hills is somewhat unique in their community as it leans conservative both theologically and politically in a more liberal, post-Christian culture. Discipleship through small groups from children to adults is at the core of SH’s DNA. They offer a contemporary expression of church, with a modern worship approach and a high level of reverence and love for the word of God, and strong biblical teaching.

    Plans to expand and utilize their breathtaking outdoor spaces as well as retrofitting their cold storage building for their future 1,500 seat auditorium are underway!

    Currently, on average, 850 people gather each week to worship together and experience God in a deeper way. There is a strong sense of hope for the future and where God is leading and taking this core group of believers in their desire to reach and serve the Santa Rosa Area.

    Position Description

    The Spring Hills Student Pastor will provide vision and leadership for ministry to middle school and high school students that will challenge them in such a way that unbelievers come to Christ and Christians are built up in their faith.

    The new student pastor must have a passion for cultivating environments where students can develop an authentic relationship with God and stay connected to the church. SH’s Student Ministry’s goals are aligned with the overall church; to help students Come to Jesus, Grow in Faith, Discover their Purpose, and Make a Difference.

    Spring Hills Student Ministry has a solid foundation to build upon. The new student pastor will be charged with continuing to relationally invest in leaders, parents, and students to maximize a culture that is both highly invitational and biblically relevant. SH’s new Student Pastor must have strong skills to communicate to students in a relevant and engaging way and a deep and personal understanding of scripture. The Student Pastor must also be of the mindset that small groups are the key to spiritual development and partnering with parents is crucial to the success of their ministry.

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