Sojourn Church

Worship Pastor

Carrollton, Texas

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    We are so excited to introduce you to Sojourn Church, a place where many people are gravitating to right now. When you walk in the doors, you automatically feel like you’re home. Everyone is so pleasant and welcoming! In addition to the high level of community at Sojourn church, they also have the foundations for a great worship ministry. With a team of very talented weekly musicians and a congregation ready to worship every week, it would be a joy for the right fit person to step in a build something beautiful.

    About This Organization

    Sojourn Church began with a small number of friends who wanted to disciple others who would eventually impact the world for Jesus. Since then, there has been a shift in senior leadership, and Pastor Chris has taken Sojourn Church to the next level. While the number of people has grown beyond where it started, the vision has never strayed—It’s only gotten more interesting. While sharing a neighborhood with other prominent ministries, Sojourn Church has become one of the major influences in their community as more congregants have flocked during the past few years. It’s a community that’s fresh, real, anointed, alive, and committed to seeing the healing power of God through changed lives.

    Making a difference in the world for Jesus and His Kingdom is their vision while also embracing the mission to make disciples.

    Position Description

    At Sojourn Church, the worship ministry is structured with a strong team of talented musicians and audio technical equipment that can take them to the next level. The main function of the Worship Pastor is to provide leadership development to the worship teams, as well as execution of dynamic worship experiences during Sunday services.

    Sojourn Church is expected to continue to grow in the next several years and is looking for a Worship pastor to help their growth. The new Worship Pastor will have the ability to develop the ministry into a thriving force in that church and community. The Worship Pastor will work directly with senior leadership to determine what direction the church will go into this season. There are already many volunteers currently serving and eager to find a leader of leaders.

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