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Families Director

Santa Monica, California

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    Why I Love This Opportunity

    Nancy MatossianAssociate

    RISEN Church is a true family church. An incredibly welcoming community, RISEN church members love the gathering! They build together, grow together, play together and truly embody the meaning of community!

    About This Organization

    RISEN initially began as a Sunday evening service for Young Adults at a local church in Santa Monica. After a few years, Trevor DeBenning and a team of people felt called to plant a church. A few months later, Trevor DeBenning and his family stepped out to plant RISEN church.
    The pandemic brought a new season of change for the church, and the congregation moved outside and onto the campus of John Adams Middle School. They are actively working toward the vision of returning to indoor gathering spaces.
    The RISEN church is non-denominational.

    Position Description

    On Sundays, families gather together to worship God through prayer, song, word, and table. To help facilitate family discipleship, all of the content is sermon-aligned from K-8th for the more effective empowerment of parents to lead on discipling their kids.
    The Families Director is responsible for leading the church’s family ministries, Specifically families with kids from birth to 12th grade. This role will also help connect families to the church’s vision and mission.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Prepare content for a sermon-based, gospel-centered family for kids and student ministries on Sunday mornings.
    • Oversee experience(s) for weekly God-centered family ministries
    • Lead volunteer teams, bringing alignment and carrying out our vision, mission, objectives, and doctrine
    • Build and foster strategic partnerships inside and outside the church
    • Create the annual family ministries* calendar and share it with the Lead Pastor

    What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

    • RISEN CHURCH CHAMPION: Being on staff at RISEN Church means being a RISEN Church Champion – someone that champions their vision, mission, values, and embodies membership.
    • VISIONARY LEADER: A passionate leader with the ability to get teams and parents excited about the gathering, God’s word, and growing together every day.
    • TEAM BUILDER: This role will need to be a volunteer team builder. Overseeing the wide span of birth to 12th grade plus their families is too vast of a job for one person.
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