Richfield Community Church

Pastor of Adult Ministries

Yorba Linda, California

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    Position Description

    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Richfield Community Church is a great place for those who believe there is no greater gift than hearing directly from God through scripture, regular worship, and in community with each other. RCC is a place where people are encouraged to enjoy God together.

    Church or Org Description

    Richfield Community Church (RCC) is just over 50 years and began with a number of young couples with a vision to build a community of faith in the beautiful community of Yorba Linda, CA. The vision at RCC is simple; they’re passionate about building joy-filled communities of faith whose very existence inspires individuals to live an abundant Christian life.

    The leadership, Elders, and Pastoral Staff are united spiritually, relationally, and in their devotion to moving forward and growing as a church. The staff has brought new energy, life, and hope to the church. The pastoral staff is as strong as it has ever been. The Pastor of Adult Ministries will be vital to continuing to moving this energy and the church forward.

    The hope at RCC is that adults become stronger in their faith and have a greater desire to share Jesus with those with whom they regularly interact.

    Position Description

    Position Objective: To build a community of adults who are disciples, wholly sold out to the ultimate joy that comes from fellowship with God, with the community of faith, and with those who would be followers of Christ but for someone to show them how.

    Primary Responsibilities:
    This position is responsible for creating and sustaining the environment where this objective can be achieved and observed, including:

    • Envisioning and promoting an innovative strategy focused on Christ with joy-filled adult discipleship at its core.
    • Developing adult discipleship ministry systems founded on the intentional building of meaningful relationships and that function interdependently.
    • Seeking and nurturing team(s) of adult leaders who freely and joyfully work toward accomplishing the position objectively.
    • Implementing change that unifies the body while radically changing its structures.

    This position is part of the pastoral team and is accountable to the senior pastor for ministry direction and employment. The position is designed to support the achievement of RCC’s mission and vision, and it is a peer to other pastoral staff members.

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