Restore Community Church

Executive Pastor

Kansas City, Missouri

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Restore Community Church was launched and still exists to reach their city and beyond and to create a culture and legacy of multiplication that empowers leaders at all levels. The Executive Pastor will play a critical role in perpetuating that heartbeat for years and decades to come!

    About This Organization

    Restore Community Church was started in 2008 with a passion to help people find their way back to God and partner with the movement of God to see the spiritual landscape of Kansas City change. Restore believes that Jesus’ Mission can’t be contained on Sunday morning or in one church or location, so they are passionate about disciple-making, missionary mobilization, and church planting. Over the past 14 years, they have launched 3 additional campuses and invested people, dollars, or coaching into 55 church plants around Kansas City, across the US, and in South America for a total of over $1.8M invested into church planting.

    The past two years of the pandemic, similar to most churches, have been quite challenging. All three of Restore’s locations met in schools prior to the pandemic. After going online exclusively in March 2020, Restore had to find temporary meeting locations for all three campuses since the schools did not allow outside groups for a time. One location (Waldo) was able to begin renting an old church building on a permanent basis. Two locations temporarily met on Sunday afternoons at other church facilities. Now all locations are meeting again on Sunday mornings in original schools or a new permanent facility. In the midst of the pandemic Restore also launched a Digital Campus with a campus pastor and it has been gaining much traction.

    Two of Restore’s in-person campuses are growing at this moment and are back at 65% and 70% pre-pandemic weekend attendance. Restore’s newest campus (launched Mar 2019) is still finding its footing as it rebounds from the pandemic. Small group participation is very strong at all campuses and giving in 2021 was 98% in 2020 and 110% in 2019.

    Overall it is a very exciting time in the life of Restore Community Church!

    Position Description

    Mission for the Executive Pastor:

    • Support the Lead Pastor in overall leadership, evaluation, and execution at Restore
    • Lead the staff team in executing Restore’s vision, mission, and values

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Secure Strategist
    • Staff Specialist
    • Leader of Leaders
    • Donor Developer

    What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

    • Seriously Fun – Has fun and contributes eternally. Intentionally creates camaraderie, trust, and rapport amongst peers.
    • Confidently Collaborates – We bring our individual best to draw out the team’s collective best.
    • Spirit-Led Strategist – Consistently seeks God’s leading and owns fulfilling their part in God’s plan.
    • Gritty Grace – Interacts with grace-filled truth.
    • Openness to Feedback – Actively seeks and offers feedback, understanding that constant improvement isn’t easy – it’s necessary.
    • Embrace & Innovation – Faithfully executes Restore’s expectations and is obsessed with improving. Seeks to help us be a better us, not a different us.
    • Hero Maker – Everyone’s job is to find, develop and release leaders. We leverage our platform to catalyze others’ development and impact.
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