Reconciliation Church

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South Holland, Illinois

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Reconciliation is a diverse, engaging church with a compelling vision to make a spiritual IMPACT on its community. The church is looking for a new Executive Pastor who can take the lead in developing and coaching the staff to a greater alignment with and fulfillment of the church’s vision and mission, both on the ministry and operational sides of the church.
    Reconciliation Church is a model and symbol of hope for churches desiring to reach their community with the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively.

    About This Organization

    The mission of Reconciliation Church is to bring restoration of identity, purpose, and destiny in Jesus Christ through preaching His gospel, teaching God’s Word, and making disciples.

    Reconciliation church not only bears the name “reconciliation,” they embody it in their history and life. Reconciliation Church emerged from a 51-year-old Dutch Reformed congregation that desired to meet the challenge of being a homogenous congregation in a neighborhood that had transitioned from a predominantly Dutch community into a predominantly African-American community. To meet this challenge, the congregation decided to “stay and change.”

    After years of soft attempts to change and multiple pastor turnovers, the congregation hired Glen McCarthy in 2015, an African American pastor with a background in school turnaround and community engagement, to lead Reconciliation church towards their goal to change and reach their neighborhood and community.

    Reconciliation church desires to create a free-flowing worship environment where adoration, celebration, and exhortation take place in an orderly manner.

    Reconciliation Church is a model and symbol of hope for churches desiring to reach their community with the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively.

    Position Description

    The Executive Pastor will oversee the church’s operations, including the annual budget, while developing, leading, directing, and shepherding church staff. The Executive Pastor will set goals for staff to accomplish the church’s mission and vision. The Executive Pastor will support, coach, and assess staff, implement processes to optimize operational capabilities, strive to expand and unify the church, and manage resources effectively. The Executive Pastor will ensure members of different ages and from diverse
    backgrounds are served effectively and oversee church services.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Overseeing church operations.
    • Leading, overseeing, and having regular meetings with staff.
    • Guiding and improving interactions between the senior pastor, elders, deacons, pastors, and other staff members.
    • Collaborating with senior pastor and elders regarding ministry administration and implementation of mission and vision of the church.
    • Overseeing human resources operations, and collaborating with the senior
      pastor to hire, reposition, transition, and dismiss staff.
    • Creating an annual budget.
    • Overseeing financial, budget, and fundraising operations.
    • Reviewing, creating, and implementing policies and procedures to ensure the effective operation of the church.

    What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

    • Evident relationship with Jesus Christ
    • 5+ years of relevant ministry experience
    • Self-starter
    • Outstanding organizational skills
    • Strong people skills
    • Team player
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